A wisdom-centric archive on faith, spirit, biodiversity, and the environment.  

AllCreation.org was founded by Chris Searles of BioIntegrity.net and Rev. Tom VandeStadt of the Congregational Church of Austin, UCC. We hope you enjoy this site and find it useful.

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Prof. Lisa Dahill
Rev. Laurel Dykstra
Valerie Foulkes / Plant With Purpose
Rev. Chris Jimmerson
Deborah Kennedy
Rev. Stephen Kinney
Rev. Victoria Loorz
Rev. Felix Malpica
Rev. Griff Martin
Rev. Jared Michaels
Rev. Kwame Pitts
Linda Miller Raff
Yaira Robinson
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Rev. Matt Syrdal
Marshall Smith
Rev. Lou Snead
Ragan Sutterfield
Rev. Kyle Walker
Rev. Nancy Wright (Distinguished Pioneer)
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 At AllCreation.org we seek to address a number of the pressing issues humanity now faces on Earth: loss of biodiversity, the species extinction crisis, climate change, sustainability, the transition away from fossil fuels, the protection and restoration of eco systems, the intersection of climate justice and economic, racial, and gender justice, etc.  

We seek to address these issues from the perspective of Earth’s human wisdom traditions, both ancient and contemporary.  Wisdom expresses itself in many forms, including religion, philosophy, science, art, literature, music, and popular culture.  Our authors address our pressing issues from one or more wisdom tradition, and whenever possible, integrate or bring into conversation several different expressions of wisdom.  

We hope you find our pieces thought-provoking, and we hope they inspire you to be wise agents of positive transformation. 

We're looking for people to help us grow. Contact us to submit your content, questions, and ideas. Thanks for visiting!