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Nov 22, 2017



Oct 22, 2017

Harvested from the Earth


Sep 22, 2017

Prayers for Creation


Aug 22, 2017

Sacred Rituals


Jul 22, 2017

Wild & Domestic


Jun 22, 2017

MUSIC, Inspired by the Creation


May 22, 2017

Youth Take Action


April 22, 2017



Mar 22, 2017

Worship WITH Nature


Feb 22, 2017

Tree of Life


Gratitude 2017
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1. A Southern Journey - Ruth F. Brin
2. Gratitude - Justin Stewart
3. Gratitude for the Creation in Which We Minister - Rev. Matt Syrdal
4. Thanksgiving Prayer, 2017 - Rev. Carmen Retzlaff
5. Harvest Season Gratitude - Rev. Lou Snead
6. Meditation on Gratitude and Joy - Jack Kornfield
7. A Gift from the Garden - Mary DeJong
8. Monika & Kumono - Plant With Purpose
9. Gratitude - Louie Schwartzberg
10. Native American Views on Thanksgiving - Short Video
11. Significance of the Thanksgiving Address - Short Video
12. The Teachings of Grass - Robin Wall Kimmerer
13. God's Own Cathedrals - Justin Canon
14. My Work is Loving the World - Mary Oliver
15. A Prayer For Gratitude - St. Francis of Assisi
16. Bonus Video - Amie King

Harvested from the Earth
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1. The Beauty of Earth's Harvest - Rev. Tom VandeStadt
2. On Food, Biodiversity, and Theology - Rabbi David Rosenn
3. Rural Farmers: Unsung Heroes of Creation Care - PlantWithPurpose
4. A Block is a Watershed - Justin Stewart
5. The Honorable Harvest - Robin Wall Kimmerer
6. Indigenous North Americans & "Harvest" - Collected Resources
7. St. Francis Garden: Feeding Community - St. Francis Episcopal, Bellmore, LI
8. Rooftop Harvests Around the World - Video Gallery
9. A Christian Liturgy for the Celtic Harvest - Pr. John Birch
10. Wild Harvesting as a Sacred Act - Erin Smith
11. Faith & Permaculture: Building Community - Sycamore Commons
12. @VegucationATX - M
13. Bonus Video - Amie King


Prayers for Creation
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1. A Prayer for Creation - Rev. Lou Snead
2. The Song of Chief Seattle - Music by Robert Gass & Wings of Song
3. Praying Now for Creation - Pope Francis
4. consumed - Linda Miller Raff
5. The Storm Didn't Turn - Justin Stewart
6. Living a Prayer for Creation - Rev. Peter Illyn
7. Prayers for Creation - Catholic Resources
8. The Beauty of Allah's Creation - Islamic Resources
9. "Pray For Creation" - Archbishop Desmond Tutu
10. Eloei Harucht - Rabbi David Seidenberg
11. Prayers for the Great Spirit - Native American Prayers
12. Prayers for Creation - Interfaith Resources
13. Prayers for Creation - Christian Resources
14. The Canticle of Creation - St. Francis of Assisi
15. OM, The Sound of Creation - Meditation Resources

Sacred Rituals

Sacred Rituals - Roger S. Gottlieb
Christian Worship and the Natural World - Dr. Lisa Dahill
Calm The Storm - Rev. Carmen Retzlaff
Prayer for Nature - Rabbi Nachman
Thai Forest Buddhism - videos & links
Intersecting Worlds: The Orthodox Mandorla - Human Flower Project
A Chainsaw Eucharist - Rev. Steve Blackmer
Cactus Hill - Justin Stewart
One Starry Night - Amie Stone King
A Parable of the Kemp Ridley Sea Turtle - Rev. Sharolyn Browning
Something Strong and Sweet - Rev. Matthew Thomas
Seeking Wilderness - Rev. Steve Blackmer
The Green Corn Ceremony - videos & links
Respecting Indigenous Identities - TEBTEBBA
Restoring Creation's Dignity - Chris Searles

Nov 22, 2016



Oct 22, 2016

Exploring Indigenous Spirituality


Sep 22, 2016

Protecting Nature Through Faith


Exploring Indigenous Spirituality

Stand With Standing Rock - a letter from Vance Blackfox - Vance Blackfox
Indigenous Perspectives (An overview of this month's issue) - Chris Searles
Pre-Occupied (Heid E. Erdich)
Above All, Wild - Amie King
Standing Rock - Chris Searles
God is a Wild Animal - Phillip Estes
Repudiation of the Doctrine of Discovery (Rev. Priscilla Austin)
The Coexistence Doctrine - Chris Searles
The U'wa on Nature
Lakota: Prayer on Humility, Wisdom on Beauty
Spiritual Views from the Amazon
First Contact
Wangaari Mathai, "Planting Trees IS planting hope"
Worship Outdoors
The Biblical Case for Vegan Living (Sarah Withrow King)

Protecting Nature Through Faith

New Life's Evolving Outdoor Ministry - Rev. Carmen Retzlaff
10 Fall Activities to Grow Closer to God
St. Francis of Assisi - A Saint for Environmentalists - Rev. Carmen Retzlaff
Underwater Climate Change Refugees - Rev. Tom VandeStadt
Earthship: One Family's Adventure in Learning... - Rev. Carmen Retzlaff
Sukkot: The Jewish Environmental Holiday
The Gospel in the Ecological Crisis - Rev. Carmen Retzlaff
Sky is Free
Sukkot: Organic or Petrochemical?
Morning Prayer (Carol J. Adams)
7 Reasons I'm a Christian Vegan (Sarah Withrow King)
Green Worship Resources for Muslims
Inter-Religous Dialogue on Climate Change and Biodiversity Conservation (video)
Islamic Climate Change Declaration
2016: We Are Now In Global Crisis - Chris Searles