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10 Practical Steps to Save Wildlife (GreenChristian)

10 Practical Steps to Save Wildlife (GreenChristian)

Ten Top Practical Steps:

Circle or tick any you might plan to do.

1. Encourage prayers & church services to include God’s earth, & people struggling to protect bio-diversity e.g farmers, politicians, lawyers .

2. Encourage your church to have a fundraising event for a habitat conservation charity in GC’s 100 Churches Rainforest Fund Project. Raise £100 to save 1 acre of habitat under threat or buy 1 acre of rainforest. Thus you will be both helping Nature Conservation; and showing others that Christians care about conservation, that respect for Creation is part of Godly living.

3. Support conservation charities local, national and international, and actively support their campaigns.

4. Manage your churchyard to benefit wildlife. Plan a Nature Trail in your churchyard. Take part in the GC Church Wildlife Survey.

5. Ensure any savings are not invested in firms destroying wildlife, e.g. land grabs to buy and destroy forest.

6. Grow old, rare fruit varieties.

7. Garden organically, use peat-free compost, dig a pond and leave wildlife habitats. Remove slabs or concrete and let life live. Allow plants to seed in the autumn so birds can feed on them. Tidy up later! Compost. Grow vegetables.

8. Play nature games with Sunday School & Messy Church. Enable old people in care to go on trips in the outdoors. Walk outdoors yourself each day.

9. Learn to identify local wildlife.

10. Buy food that is ‘Wildlife friendly’. Go more vegan.


From the excellent pamphlet by GreenChristian.org.uk, “Saving Wildlife and Biodiversity, part 1.”

Kisa Gotami and the Parable of the Mustard Seed (Melissa Bjordal)

Kisa Gotami and the Parable of the Mustard Seed (Melissa Bjordal)

Gratitude For Biodiversity (Amie Stone King)

Gratitude For Biodiversity (Amie Stone King)