Welcome to our Partners Page. 
Want to go deeper in exploring your relationship with the Creation? Here is our page of special events connecting people of faith, spiritual practice, and general curiosity to biodiversity and wilderness. Each event is produced by one of our esteemed Partners. We cannot recommend these events highly enough. 

Rewilding Retreat
Whidbey Island
Saturday, Aug 11, 2018, 9am-5pm
with Mary DeJong

Is your sense of the sacred feeling stunted? Seek the sacred within the text of the natural world for this day long retreat with Mary DeJong at the Whidbey Institute's Storyhouse, a nurturing cabin surrounded by legacy forest and the whispers of wildlife. Learn more / sign up at: Waymarkers.net

Browse Mary's writings on AllCreation.org here

Wild Edges
Snoqualmie Point Park
Sunday, Aug 12, 2018, 10am-1pm
with Mary DeJong & Rev. Matt Syrdal

Join Mary DeJong and Rev. Matt Syrdal at Snoqualmie Point Park for a few hours of creative communion with the natural world to rewild your wonder and worship. Learn more / sign up at ChurchofLostWalls.org

Browse Matt's writings on AllCreation here.
More opportunities: Seminary of the Wild.  


2018 Pilgrimmages
Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire
May, July, September 2018
with Rev. Steve Blackmer

After a successful pilgrimage down the entire Connecticut River in 2017, Kairos Earth is offering several multi-day opportunities to experience the sacred spirituality of living in right relationship with nature. Learn more / sign up at KairosEarth.org.  

Browse Steve's writings on AllCreation.org here


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