Welcome to our Partners Page. 
Want to go deeper in exploring your relationship with the Creation? Here is our page of special events and congregations connecting people of faith, spiritual practice, and general curiosity to biodiversity and wilderness. We cannot recommend these groups or events highly enough. 


River Pilgrimmages
May 24-31, Connecticut River
June 13-20, Taunton River
with Rev. Steve Blackmer

After two very successful summers of pilgrimage in 2017 and 2018 along waterways in New England, we are thrilled to be able to continue this wonderful immersion in the  spiritual practice of living in right relationship with the natural world! Visit KairosEarth.org for more info.

Browse Steve’s writings on AllCreation here.

Rewilding Retreats
with Mary Plate DeJong

Join Mary Plate DeJong in one of her numinous retreats to Whidbey Island, Camano Island, Iona Island, and Seattle. Learn more at Waymarkers.net

Browse Mary's writings on AllCreation here.

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Seminary of the Wild
with Rev. Matt Syrdal
July 28-Aug 2: Ghost Ranch
Oct 20-24: Ghost Ranch

Equipping leaders through nature-based experiences and supportive community. Upcoming sessions feature: Fr. Richard Rohr, Rev. Brian McClaren, Victoria Loorz, Michael Dowd, Dr. Geneen Haugen, Dr. Brian Stafford, and Rev. Bryan Smith. Visit SeminaryoftheWild.com for more info.

Browse Matt’s writings on AllCreation here.


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