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Lovers of the Land -- What does it mean to worship outdoors?

Lovers of the Land -- What does it mean to worship outdoors?

We are proud to announce the release of our 2019 Earth Month book, Lovers of the Land, in celebration of Good Friday, Easter, Passover, the Orthodox holidays, the beginning of Ramadan, and Earth Day. This book showcases 21 congregations across North America who gather to strengthen their faith outdoors.

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Download the book (no cost):  Lovers of the Land

A few quotes —

“We are grateful to have wild places in the city and to be able to remember ourselves as part of the community of creation.” — Rev. Wendy Janzen

“We gather to expand relationship within the sacred wilds of this community, learn from the vast intelligence of these beautiful beings, and live more deeply into our own soul for the wholing and healing of the world.” — Rev. Valerie Luna Serrels

“We are not a traditional church happening outside, our dream is to participate in and partner with creation through learning, worship, meditation and prayer.” — Rev. Matt Syrdal, Church of Lost Walls

“We meet monthly at the edges of waterfalls, among cedars and invasive blackberries, or at the shoreline of the Salish Sea to deepen intimacy with the more-than-human Others whose home we share.” — Rev. Victoria Loorz

“Our ministry lays at the intersection of environmental stewardship, cultural renewal and a contemplative ecology.” — Eric Anglada

“Sometimes the wind is gentle, and sometimes challenging enough to remind us that the Holy Spirit, like wild spaces, is not tame.” — Rev. Carmen Retzlaff

“This is a healing place.” — Rev. Stephen Blackmer

View Lovers of the Land on issuu.com.


Woodland Worship, Karen Covey Moore

Woodland Worship, Karen Covey Moore