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Prayers for Creation (Interfaith Resources)

Prayers for Creation (Interfaith Resources)

The following is a collection of various prayer resources with pieces from most of the collections: 

Help us to know that in caring for your wonderful world, we are working for your kingdom, being good stewards of your creative power, and giving you glory.  

We pray, “Amen.”

--Prayers (Collection of 15), EarthMinistry.org



All creation comes from it. Yet it forms not only the basic raw material for humankind, but also the substance of the incarnation of God's son.

--Prayers: from Hildegard de Bingen to Psalm of the Cosmos, (12 Prayers) LetAllCreationPraise.org


Ground of all being, Mother of life, Father of the universe, Your name is sacred, beyond speaking.

--A reworking of the Lord's Prayer, Casa del Soul Prayer of Jesus, GhostRanch.org




Praised are you Adonai our God, who rules the universe, which lacks
nothing; for God created fine creatures and pleasant trees in order that
humans might enjoy them.
 —The Rabbinical Assembly of Conservative Judaism

--11 Prayers for Earth Day: from St. Basil to Hazrat Inayat Khan, Huffington Post


Creator God, give us your Spirit to work together to restore your creation and to hand on a safe environment and climate to our children and theirs

--Prayer for Creation, Micah Coalition, Australia




Resources and Prayer Celebrations

1 Sept to 4 Oct is Season of Creation, World Council of Churches

World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, Caritas.org

Prayer of Co-Creation, Lyn Cox, Unitarian Universalit Association

Prayer Service Toolkit 2017, SeasonofCreation.org

Ecumenical, Anglican, Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant, Interfaith Resources, SeasonofCreation.org




From EarthMinistry -- 

Prayer of Praise

(By St. Gregory Nazianzen, c.330-389)

You alone are unutterable,
form the time you created all things
that can be spoken of.
You alone are unknowable,
from the time you created all things
that can be known.
All things cry out about you;
those which speak,
and those which cannot speak.
All things honor you;
those which think,
and those which cannot think.
For there is one longing, one groaning,
that all things have for you …
All things pray to you that comprehend
your plan
and offer you a silent hymn.
In you, the One, all things abide,
and all things endlessly run to you
who are the end of all.








Earth Prayers for the Great Spirit

Earth Prayers for the Great Spirit

Prayers for Creation (Christian Resources)

Prayers for Creation (Christian Resources)