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This is My Father’s World (Sue Searles)

This is My Father’s World (Sue Searles)

This is My Father’s World...

As little children many of us lustily sang, “God’s beautiful world, God’s beautiful world, I love God’s beautiful world…He made it for you, He made it for me.  I love God’s beautiful world!”  And we did! We played outside mesmerized by tadpoles, caterpillars, wildflower bouquets for Momma, green snakes, pretty rocks, sunsets, stars…so much beauty!   We said our prayers, “Thank you, God for the pretty rocks and the big trees, and the…” and on and on we went, full of gratitude to God, who in our minds, probably looked a lot like Santa Claus and had given us ALL these beautiful gifts.


Then we grew up.  Somehow the busyness of life caused too many of us to forget to look up at the night sky, to wonder at how butterflies came from caterpillars, to see the beauty in a single bluebonnet.  We became consumed with work and bills and rearing children and politics and saving/spending money, with our status in the community and on and on.


But it’s not too late!  God’s beautiful world is still out there to see, to smell, to explore, to enrich our souls.  The first thing we have to do is slow down, open our eyes and hearts and take the time to rediscover the beauty and richness that so enchanted us as children.  Then we must think ahead, as a wise Native American Chief said many years ago, “to the seventh generation.”  How can we assure that the beauty and health of God’s Beautiful World will still be here for them to enjoy?  How can we invest our time and our money to protect, preserve, and restore our land?  Our water?  Our air?


Someone has said that the biggest problem facing the world is that the world is dying.  Scientists have shown this to be true through mountains of research.  Many of us fervently believe it.


What are we going to do about it?  When are we going to begin in earnest to save God’s Beautiful World?




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